How to Get Here

Directions to “Las Tobas” (Higuera de la Sierra, Huelva)

Geographical coordinates of Higuera de la Sierra: 37 ° 50′ N, 6 ° 26′ O. village situated at an altitude of 620 m.

To get to Las Tobas, we will have to go to the village of Higuera de la Sierra since The Houses are located close to the Ccentre being located within the municipal term of Higuera de la Sierra.

The town hosts in its heart the National Road 433, which connects Seville to Lisbon and crosses the Sierra East to West. In addition, this road merges with the N-435 at the height of Jabugo, which allows easy access if you are coming from Extremadura.

If you arrive from Huelva, the easiest way is the detour along the road A-461, at the height of El Campillo, to directly reach Higuera de la Sierra.


  1. Once we have arrived at the village of Higuera de la Sierra by the N – 433 we take the intersection of the N-433 with the street José Aranz Bayo (the first if we come from Seville, and the second entrance to the village if we come from Madrid, Mérida, Badajoz, Portugal)
  2. We continue up by street José Aranz Bayo and later by street Cerrillo, which is a continuation of the first.
  3. At the end of the street Cerrillo turn right.
  4. Once we’ve turned continue along this road (HU 8132) up to the signage of the rural houses “LAS TOBAS”. You’ve already reached your destination.

Distance between Higuera de la Sierra and other cities

Madrid – Higuera de la Sierra: 492 km

Sevilla – Higuera de la Sierra: 75 km

 CASAS RURALES LAS TOBAS. Ctra. Estación de la Junta, km 2. 21220 Higuera de la Sierra (Huelva). Tlf.: +34 687 882 996